as alot has asked about formations and how to build Turf i will try to make a guide,  all here is from my experience and how i read the game, which makes me able to take out turfs way higher then myself.

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About Crew formations and build.

When building a turf there is alot of factors to adress, first of you need to look at what you will be doing in the game.


-Street ops

-Attacking others

-Turf defending

All of theese have diferent Formations, Skillsets and what kind of stats you would want to choose building on.

Allso, when you build stats and set talents you should choose formations that fits your setup. 

One thing thats important in all fighting is that your crew should allways consist of 8 Layers of crew. all 4 classes of your highest Tier and all 4 classes of your 2nd highest Tier.

this is very important since they have difrent abillities. So by sending a 4 layer crew of only your highest Tier makes your Crew incomplete, and you will not be able to win fights against hard targets

Formation Example for mannsion 26-29

100K crew setup

Crew setup depends on your stats and skills, and should be tweaked acording to your build. this is a general base setup with 8 layers that you can customise to fit your build.

T7 Bulkers (Tanks) 35K

T9 Bulkers 10K

T9 Bikers 20K

T8 Bikers 3K

T9 Shooters 17K

T8 Shooters 2K

T9 Vehicles 3K

T8 Vehicles 10K